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What's Up! is in a transition period right now, so updates are infrequent, apologies for the inconvienence. More details can be found here. Don't forget, you can check out FtM via the Fred Forums. The Blog will also remain updated in the meantime!

Recent Updates

02/03/12 : All new FtM Feature Cartoon:It's All Relative!
01/07/12 : Sceb appears with a bio on the Character's Page
12/24/11 : Edmund and Darrell are here tocelebrate Christmas!
12/09/11 : Space Chicken's Bio is added to the Characters Page.
11/11/11 : Edmund and Darrell 3 releases here at
10/31/11 : Happy Halloween from!
10/19/11 : Plushie Space Chicken is now in the FtM Shop!
10/01/11 : Season 8 of begins! Happy Anniversary!
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