An All New Fred Cartoon!

A New Fred Cartoon?!

It's been four years (and five days) but the rumors are true: In honor of the new Year of the Monkey upon us, there's a new Fred the Monkey cartoon! What are you reading this for, go watch!

Recent Updates

02/03/12 : All new FtM Feature Cartoon:It's All Relative!
01/07/12 : Sceb appears with a bio on the Character's Page
12/24/11 : Edmund and Darrell are here tocelebrate Christmas!
12/09/11 : Space Chicken's Bio is added to the Characters Page.
11/11/11 : Edmund and Darrell 3 releases here at
10/31/11 : Happy Halloween from!
10/19/11 : Plushie Space Chicken is now in the FtM Shop!
10/01/11 : Season 8 of begins! Happy Anniversary!
Can you believe there's a new Fred cartoon?
Is this a dream?