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Well, given how infrequently I update this ol' personal blog, I think it's about time I moved things over to permanently. It's updated every Monday, after all! Plus I'm going to be upgrading it in the next few months to include links to other spots I hang out online, such as my new digs at Instagram. If you're looking for me in the meantime, check over here!

Zipping over to!


Judy Hopps Key

I haven't updated this blog in a while (though the one continues on every Monday morning!) so I figured I'd stop by and post something.


Here's a quick rough of a keyframe of Judy Hopps, inspired by the How-to-Draw video posted by Disney. I enjoyed doing it, even if it isn't quite as well crafted as I'd like! Ah well, that's why you practice.

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Reading Time

I reserved a bunch of books from the library, thinking they would come in over a stretch of time, but of course they all came in at once! So now I have some decisions to make on what to tackle first...

Library books
There's a bunch on spirituality/religion, but I just finished one in that category, so I may jump over to fiction (The Monument 14 book) or one of the science ones (Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, or The End of Time). That said, I've been itching to start The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching for a while now. Either way I have some serious reading time to get to!

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A Year of the Monkey Message

I've recorded a Year of the Monkey message for you all, and you can locate it here.

Happy Year of the Monkey. :)


Fact of the Day

Tomorrow is the first day of a new Year of the Monkey.


Can you go home again?


If you're a Creativity Newsletter subscriber at you already heard this story, so forgive me for repeating it. Recently I realized the Year of the Monkey is fast approaching, which means it's been 12 years or so since Fred the Monkey and company hit the Internet.

I really wanted to do something to celebrate. Yet I've been out of the "game" so long that I had no idea where to start. Well, I did have an idea where to start, but the sheer work involved was overwhelming. At any rate, I hope to at least make a little "happy year of the monkey" video message to send to everyone. It won't be animated, but hey, it... um... *trails off muttering*

I got a comment from D Shwizzle (bet you 10 bucks that's an alias) on the blog the other day, reminiscing about the olden days. It was a great little pick me up that came at just the right time. I had been feeling a little down about the abandonment of FtM considering I wouldn't have a new cartoon for the Year of the Monkey in a week or so. A reminder that it was there for people while I used to do it was a nice boost.

Those days are gone, and while I'm still interested in doing the occasional Fred cartoon (someday, which I hope I live to see) it's nice to revisit the memories. As I fired up Flash and stared at the old FtM House Background Asset, I returned for a moment to times when my days were filled with Fred work. I must admit, it was a much more stressful, difficult time, but there were bright spots too.

I hope everyone is set to have a great Year of the Monkey in 2016, and I'll keep you posted if I manage to get anything together to celebrate the occasion! Maybe I can do a piece of Fred art, at least. Though... sometimes illustration is more work than a whole cartoon, ha ha.


Happy New Year!

It is 2016 now, and somehow already the 11th of the month. Just wanted to write a quick blog post, mostly pointing to my other blog post on my 2016 Goals and such.

Hope your year is going fantastically well so far! Mine definitely is, which I'm mostly attributing to the attitude where every day I keep saying "This year has been going fantastically well so far!" :)

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Something Swan Related

I remembered this advice another artist gave me once. They said "Do commission drawings, for free, to get practice. Doesn't matter if you're not good enough to take commissions, just go for it."  So I thought maybe I'd give it a try in February. Then I realized "tomorrow isn't guaranteed," and why not just do it right now? I asked if anyone wanted a commission drawing on Twitter ( ) and Sabina K. replied asking for something swan related. And here we are!


I must say, I adore the freedom and finding a new subject and doing some quick research and studies with no pressure. I've not drawn swans before, but they were a lot of fun. I had no plan going in, just let the pencil do its thing. Big thanks to Sabina for the prompt and getting me to do some drawing practice! I'd do it again, probably. (And I pass along that bit of advice to other artists. Go do it, even if it's just once!)

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Prepping for 2016

We come once more to the end of a year, and I'm excited to get to my annual goal review/creation for 2016! Still, it's a touch early for that, so I'm trying to hold off until the week between Christmas and New Years.

I may cave and work on it early, to be honest.

Just a reminder, for anyone who hasn't been here in a while, I moved regularly scheduled updates (now Weekly, Monday mornings) over to So if you're looking for more frequent posting from me, check that out. :)

Also, my buddy Adam is doing a fundraiser this season for Living Water International, if you'd like to check that out as well. Often we (or I, at least) take clean water for granted, and a lot of folks don't  have access to it. It seems crazy sometimes, given the world we live in here in (almost) 2016, but it's the truth.

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First of all, Yoshi's Woolly World is fantastic.


If you have a Wii U, or access to a Wii U, or are wandering through Best Buy and they have a demo station with this game available, you should check it out. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's classic fun. The animations are also dripping with charm and appeal. Five stars. Not only one of the best games I've played in years, but maybe one of my favorites ever. (Huge fan of Yoshi's Island on the SNES, but less so the ones that came after it. Until now!)

Given that I've been playing it recently, I thought I'd do some drawings of little Lakitu and his Spiny friend. Or... are they friends? It's hard to tell, given that Lakitu chucks the poor little guys out of the sky. Maybe it's a weird, symbiotic relationship. Or all Spinys secretely hate their Lakitu overlords. Anyway, here's a drawing!

Also the post this week at is on how learning a new skill can foster creativity. Check it out!

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