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I Guess I AM Improving

As I mentioned on Twitter the other day, I was watching an animation (specifically this one) that literally made me feel completely awful. It's so far beyond my skills, but I desperately want to be able to draw that well. It's so solid and appealing. That made me want to improve, but at the same time I felt like all the practice I've been doing has gotten me nowhere.

Well, I guess it HAS been paying off. The next 11 Second Club Mini Challenge is about the circus. I don't know if I have time to animate a piece for it (trying to get the next feature Fred Cartoon done) but I decided it wouldn't hurt to take a few minutes and sketch out a concept in thumbnail form. This is what I arrived at, about 15 minutes later:

These are without a doubt some, if not THE most dynamic sketches of Fred I've ever done. It seems to me that you can FEEL the action in the drawings. Almost as if they're animated without moving. I'm extremely proud of them. Of course, I just did them, so it might be that come tomorrow I'll hate them. That happens with sketching sometimes. For now I'm going to enjoy this moment and kick up my heels that yes- I AM getting better at this.

Until next time, keep practicing.

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  1. Haha. These are really good! You captured the motion really well, and it just screams Fred the Monkey to me.

    My favorite is the third one on top where he’s about to take the big step. It feels very anticipatory, cartoony, and Fred-esque. Good job!

    My least favorite is the one right after. There’s something about it that’s just not quite right… I’m still not completely sure what, but I feel like it might be the body angle. It just seems too vertical, I think. Seems to me like it’d capture the motion & character better if he was leaning forward more. I’m still not completely certain if that’s what needs to be changed, though.

    Overall, it’s wonderful, though! With these few pictures alone I can all ready see what’s happening in between. Nicely done!

    • Good call, Triangle. I’ll try doing a few where he’s really leaning forward there. Get the line of action really pushing that direction, if I can manage to. :) Thanks!

  2. where are the sneak previews?

  3. That is one BIG tennis ball. In fact, it was so BIG, I wrote BIG in caps! 😀

  4. JKR, you have improved A LOT since the first Fred cartoons, I mean, the animation is so much better and fluid now, and the constant character re-designs show that you aren´t stuck in your drawing skills.

    so, cheers! those drawings are mighty fine

  5. Very fluid, improves Fred “cartoon side”.

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