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Rolling Pin Studies

I may have mentioned last year that I received this book for Christmas:

It's a brilliant idea, really. Every page has a few words/items on it with a lot of blank space to draw whatever it lists.

I have been itching to tackle some of the challenges, but lacked the time. Since I just finished the recent Fred cartoon It's All Relative, I felt like I had a chance to take a deep breath and do something like this before moving on to whatever is next.

The first item listed in the book is "Rolling Pin." Since I wanted to do a proper study of many angles and types of rolling pins, the space in the book wasn't enough. Plus I realized if I did them in my sketchbook not only would it help towards my One-Sketchbook-of-Drawing-A-Month quest, but also I could have the original book clean and new in case I ever want to do it all over again. So I did the studies in my sketchbook, and here are the results:

All except the bottom one are done from photos I found online, with the last being just out of my head after drawing all the rest. (I'm going to try to do these studies from photos but include one final drawing that will be just what I've observed and logged in my brain.)

I'm very pleased with these drawings, though admittedly a rolling pin is a pretty darn simple subject to draw. A good starting point, I suppose. I wish the one out of my head was longer. It is too fat and short, in my opinion. A good lesson learned.

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