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Today I dove back into the 642 Things To Draw book for entry #4: A Skunk. Here are my studies:

I even copied a cartoon one because I found it very appealing. At any rate, here's the final (two this time) I did of my own after the studies:

I learned two things while drawing all these skunks. First, skunks look very different than what I would have pictured in my head before these studies. They're pretty fat, and their faces are really adorable. Especially the little ones. Second, that people are messed up. I found some very odd things doing a Google search for skunk images, including weird furry stuff and "seductive" (really?) skunk costumes for women. And what I saw was with safe search ON; I have no idea the horrors that might wait in the darker levels of the internet. That's... super odd, human beings. Really, really strange.

Anyway, now I'm off to practice some non-skunk-related figure drawing as well as record lines for a certain bag-like cartoon coming up next that involves mail of some sort.

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  1. JKR, if you put the skunk in a mailbag cartoon, you should name it Jaden. Just say’n.

    I also become disturbed by the dark internet. Why can’t it stay out of the light side of the internet?!

  2. These are all adorable man! I love the trotting one there (under the word “MINE”) :^D

    And yes… Even though I, myself am a furry… I cannot even fathom the disturbed things on the Internet… I’ve seen some bad things man… So bad. If you value your childhood cartoons and your sanity… Never, EVER, go on Even on deviantART too. *shivers*

    But yeah… cute skunks and what-not. >_> <__>

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