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Have a Seat (HAR HAR HAR!)

See, this post has drawing studies I did of chairs. So the title of today's blog is a joke and HILARIOUS.

Click on the image for a larger view.

I had a lot of fun doing most of these drawings (except maybe the last two) and was pretty comfortable with the process. Feel like I've made a lot of progress. It also really helps to take... your... time... and not rush.

Now I return to work on the big FtM relaunch thing. I wonder how many more relaunches there will be before I quit this madness? My current guess: three.

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  1. Very nice. I was actually doing this (kinda) yesterday. My sister got me 642 things to draw for my birthday, and I did a desk chair yesterday. I was more focused on a quick sketch than lovely perspective, though, so it doesn’t look quite as nice. xP

  2. I laughed so hard reading this hilarious joke, it turned my cheeks chairy red.

  3. Your puns are chairable, just chairable!

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