Life, Art, and Monkeys

Alright, no more being a Ham, and Cheesey…

Today's study (that I started yesterday) was "a sandwich."

Not a good study to do when you're hungry. I spent all day craving a sandwich. Of course, then when dinner rolled (pun not intended) around I over-ate and had heartburn. I guess it was pretty bad because I ended up at the Emergency Room earlier today with my chest really hurting. They double checked things, but it seems it was just the damage all that acid did overnight, so after some medicine called a "Heartburn Cocktail" (it was awful) I left and went back to bed. Now I'm feeling better. Still not 100%. Darn you, sandwich drawings! Look what you've done...

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  1. Geez JKR, I really hope you don’t keep getting sick like this all the time.

  2. That sad feeling of never having deli meat at your house. Gotta say, those pictures did not help that feeling.

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