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642 Things To Draw: Fire Escape

Today (or yesterday, I suppose) in my continued quest to draw 642 Things  the subject was fire escapes. I've never drawn a fire escape in my life, to my knowledge, making it a great item to try. I discovered quickly why I probably never drew a fire escape before, as they are a mess of straight lines, angles, and structure. My least favorite things to draw are straight lines, angles, and structure. Hence why I am a character animator. Nevertheless, here are my attempts.

This first one was shaky at best (and awful at worst) and you can tell it's unfinished. There were so many lines and things kept getting so far out of whack that I gave up partway through. Maddening.

Next up I took a slightly different approach and pushed some the perspective a bit more than I did in the first. I think doing that ended up producing something closer to the reference I was drawing from. I spent longer on the windows and building that I probably did the fire escape itself (railing were left off, again quitting early) but I had a bit more fun with it.

This third and final image was the most fun to do, probably because it was such a short, uncomplicated fire escape. I even added in some of the railings (though not all, because there were MANY more vertical lines ignored). If I wanted to do this right I would go at a snail's pace and count each bar and step to be sure everything was accurate. As I said, though, character animator, not architect.

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  1. Keep it up and you’ll get to 642 things in no time. Honestly, the yours drawings here just got better as I went down, and I really liked the third one. Bring some of this stuff to FTM (when you get the chance). I’m sure we would all like to see Fred trying to escape a fire

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