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How Often?

Now that the egg show is done for the year, I'm slowly re-engaging with this "life" thing I put on hold while I was doing the egg show stuff. (Mostly, anyway. I am still doing eggs in spite of the show being over. The nice thing is now I can slow down and just do them for the love of it all.) One of the big items on my returned-to-list is to publish the book I wrote earlier this year. One of them, anyway, because I wrote two.

At any rate, coupled into that process is the upcoming need to put that published book up someplace to sell. Since it's on Creativity I was planning to just host it via Animator Island. However I've been enjoying writing so much that I'd like to continue publishing things after this first book, and subsequent fictional novels don't really fit on AI. So I'm thinking of possibly tossing together a small site for myself personally (apart from Fred, Studio Riki, and Animator Island) just to host whatever I'm personally publishing and such.

Included in all that thinking and planning and working is this blog. I have been enjoying writing for it, but also I'd like to split my writing time a little more so I can work on proper books. I realized the other day that if you put together all my blog posts from the last nearly-a-decade it would fill SEVERAL books. Bad books, of course, as I didn't have any intention of publishing this stuff past "a blog" but the word count would be there at least. So I want to use some of the writing time to work on books and not just blogging.

The other thing I was considering recently was just how personal the blog here is. I mostly just ramble, and I wonder how useful such a thing is. It's nice for me, but is it helpful in some way to the world? I imagine some of the posts are, but probably only the ones I actually put a lot of thought into. Rambling because I like hearing (in my head, since this is typed) my own voice is a bit of a fruitless endeavor. Meanwhile books like this one and the one I'm reading now are almost like complete-blogs in book form, and they've done a great deal for me as a person as I've read them.

ANYWAY, long story short, I would like some feedback from you folks reading this. Any thoughts are welcome, and specifically I would like to know if you have a preference for how often I update the blog. Is daily helpful to you in any way? Would you care if I made it a point to post one actually-deep-and-edited piece of writing once per week instead? I ask because I've been reading several new blogs this year, and they have different update schedules. Adam's blog at TMTF is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which makes me wish there was something new the other two weekdays, but also leaves me wanting more. Amy's blog appears to be updated "whenever" even though I thought by the title it would be every Monday. Maia's blog seems to update when there's something to be said, and never otherwise (which is frustrating at times because of the lack of schedule, but I certainly understand this method's benefits!).

So what are you thoughts on the future of this blog? If you don't care, post that too! I'm looking for any and all feedback, and I really appreciate you giving me yours as I'm deciding what to do in the coming months. :)

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  1. It all depends what your abilities and goals are. I used to update every day, but gradually realised that by doing so, I wasn’t actually writing about the kind of topics I wanted to. So I took a short break, and came back with a weekly schedule (or pretty close to it). I also decided not to pressure myself with a schedule; if I can’t get a post written during a particular week, it’s not a big deal.

    The bottom line is that it’s your blog and you set the schedule. Of course, if you do go to a weekly schedule. there’s nothing to stop you from posting in between! :)

    • Well, my main goal is to “be useful” and “be consistent” I guess. I don’t really want to update whenever, I’d rather have a set schedule so people know what to expect. I loved the days when FtM updated on Fridays, so people knew every Friday to show up. (Burned me out, though, so I want to avoid that!)

      I remember when you were all ready to give up on the blog, so I’m glad you figured out a routine that worked! You’re right, missing a week isn’t a big deal. It’s just when that week rolls into two, then three, etc. That’s what happened with me and FtM over the years.

      I appreciate the response and chiming in. Stuff to think about!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, JK! I hope you’re enjoying my book. As for blogging frequency, you just gotta experiment and see what works for you. I was blogging 5-6 times per week at the start, but after a month I burned out. During my road trip I could only feasibly blog once/twice per week, but now that I’m settled and have more time I’m shooting for 3 per week. Life will put you in various seasons, and your blog is no different. The key above all else is consistency! Commit to a schedule and stick with it for a time so your readers continue tracking with you.

    Looking forward to your future book(s)!

    • I am indeed enjoying the book! Really a great insight, and deep and moving.

      I do indeed want consistency for the blog here (or wherever it ends up) and I just don’t quite know what level of updating to do at the moment! It’s not like every day blogging burns me out (as of right now) but I feel like some days I’d like to put more into a single post instead, or forgo “post” altogether and put it into some sort of cohesive book of some kind.

      Thanks for the response!

  3. I think it’s an excellent idea to follow a consistent schedule for blog posts. A schedule lets your readers know when they can expect new content, and spares them the nuisance of checking your blog frequently for unpredictable updates.

    That said, deadlines can be stressful and stifling for writers — believe me, I know! I agree with Tom and suggest making a consistent schedule (maybe one, two, or three posts a week) that gives you enough time to work on other projects. You can benefit yourself by figuring out a schedule that isn’t too demanding, and benefit your readers by sticking with it!

    • I don’t think daily is too demanding for me, per say, it’s just that it leaves less time for other things like the book writing. So I think I’m leaning towards doing less frequent, but more deep, blog updates. And if that the case I may want to narrow the field of my posting so it isn’t just about “whatever.” While posting on “whatever” is fun at times, it doesn’t allow me to be as useful to the world I think.

      Or maybe it’s a matter of having a blog for certain topics and one for “whatever.” As I do with Animator Island. Not sure!

      Thanks for the response and something to think about!