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Happy New Year!

It is 2016 now, and somehow already the 11th of the month. Just wanted to write a quick blog post, mostly pointing to my other blog post on my 2016 Goals and such.

Hope your year is going fantastically well so far! Mine definitely is, which I'm mostly attributing to the attitude where every day I keep saying "This year has been going fantastically well so far!" :)

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  1. Very glad to hear that, JKR! I was studying for an exam and the craziest wave of nostalgia hit me and compelled me to revisit one of my favorite websites from when I was younger. I am so glad to hear you’re still at it and want you to know how much I appreciated the entertainment and hard work ethic you displayed on my young, impressionable self. Keep it up.

    • Honestly your nostalgic compulsion came at the perfect, perfect time. That comment was exactly what I needed this morning to continue on with some work stuff I’ve been procrastinating. :) So thanks!

      Hope the exam goes well! Is it on animation? If so, let me know, I’ll totally fill you in on all the answers. (Any other subject I will be of zero useful help.)