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Can you go home again?


If you're a Creativity Newsletter subscriber at you already heard this story, so forgive me for repeating it. Recently I realized the Year of the Monkey is fast approaching, which means it's been 12 years or so since Fred the Monkey and company hit the Internet.

I really wanted to do something to celebrate. Yet I've been out of the "game" so long that I had no idea where to start. Well, I did have an idea where to start, but the sheer work involved was overwhelming. At any rate, I hope to at least make a little "happy year of the monkey" video message to send to everyone. It won't be animated, but hey, it... um... *trails off muttering*

I got a comment from D Shwizzle (bet you 10 bucks that's an alias) on the blog the other day, reminiscing about the olden days. It was a great little pick me up that came at just the right time. I had been feeling a little down about the abandonment of FtM considering I wouldn't have a new cartoon for the Year of the Monkey in a week or so. A reminder that it was there for people while I used to do it was a nice boost.

Those days are gone, and while I'm still interested in doing the occasional Fred cartoon (someday, which I hope I live to see) it's nice to revisit the memories. As I fired up Flash and stared at the old FtM House Background Asset, I returned for a moment to times when my days were filled with Fred work. I must admit, it was a much more stressful, difficult time, but there were bright spots too.

I hope everyone is set to have a great Year of the Monkey in 2016, and I'll keep you posted if I manage to get anything together to celebrate the occasion! Maybe I can do a piece of Fred art, at least. Though... sometimes illustration is more work than a whole cartoon, ha ha.

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  1. I was thinking about FTM too. I think you should bring it back man, it has potential.
    A lot has changed since the ol’ days. Slap it on youtube, it’ll get more exposure than the site.

    Can even make money from it which could help support you in making more episodes.

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