Edmund and Darrell: Christmas 2012
Run TIme: 1:47
December 2012

Darrell makes the turkey and Edmund brings the cookies!

Edmund and Darrell: The Supermarket
Run TIme: 3:28
August 2012

Darrell reluctantly brings Edmund along for a trip to buy groceries.

It's All Relative
Run TIme: 5:21
February 2012

After years of waiting, Claire and Melvin make their FredtheMonkey.com debut.

Edmund and Darrell: Christmas Special
Run TIme: 1:04
December 2011

It's the Edmund and Darrell Christmas Special, 2011! Merry Christmas!

Edmund and Darrell: The Meeting
Run TIme: 3:28
November 2011

The Mayor holds a town meeting to discuss the mystery of the Moon.

Now In 4D!
Run TIme: 2:14
September 2011

Space Chicken decides it's finally time to talk about something OTHER than the website...

Halloween e-Card
Run TIme: 0:15
October 2011

Trick or Treat! Well, a little of both in this Halloween e-Card from FtM.com.

Edmund and Darrell: The Car Trip
Run TIme: 3:28
May 2011

E&D go for a car ride, proving once again that the journey is more important than the destination!

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