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Fred the Monkey Fan Favorite

Fred Fans Chime In!

A truly amazing installation, Love the work that got done to improve it, Fred's walk looks much better and the frame by frame work Really added to it.
-Tom Todd

I thought 3-2-1 relaunch Was GREAT! BEST CARTOON EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Espcially the part where Fred is singing and the conversation part and the audition 4 the Realauch absoloutley GOOD!

JKR is one of the rare people that everything he makes seems to be better than before. This cartoon is loaded with effects and humor, but more importantly it is the first cartoon where he uses backgrounds like the house which is a big step. Also new you see Fred walking for the first time, it was bad at first but he went back and correct it which shows his dedication. Way to go JKR!

JKR's Thoughts:

Oh what to say about the good old 3-2-1 Relaunch series? It sure is the longest running Fred mini-series to date! Actually, I think it might be the only running Fred mini series. But no matter!

This cartoon was originally intended to launch alongside the new website, style, and all-around revamp of 2010. Two things prevented that. Can you guess what they are? Of course one was "it wasn't ready in time!" In truth, though, it wasn't ready because two weeks before the relaunch I came up with the concept for Blast to the Past and couldn't pass up the chance to make that cartoon happen. So this toon was put on the temporary backburner while I finished that one up, and this later became the "Feature" cartoon update for October of 2010.


Want More Relaunching?

This IS the fith episode of the 3-2-1 Relaunch Saga, so there's plenty more to see!