Name: Fred the Monkey

Species: monkey

Birthday: May 25th

Occupation: “Star” of

Likes: TV, Sleeping, “Cooking”

Dislikes: Robots, Clowns, Jerks named Sceb

Quote: “Eee? Pah.”

Fred the Monkey is the self proclaimed star of In his spare time, which is all of his time, he enjoys mixing random ingredients together and calling it “gourmet food.” He's quick to point out if you don't like what he created, it's because “you have stupid tastebugs.” If pointed out that they are called “tasteBUDS” he will most likely tell you you're mean and throw something in your general direction. 

Secretly wanting nothing more than to be liked, Fred struggles between trying to be popular and trying to make himself look smart, often at the expense of others.

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