Name: Sceb

Species: space chicken

Birthday: September 23rd

Occupation: Future Leader of Earth

Likes: Video Games, Insults (Giving them, not receiving)

Dislikes: Stupid People, Bad Spelling, Idiots named Fred

Quote:What the biscuit are you doing?"

Sceb is Space Chicken's younger brother. He lives in the basement of the house and is in charge of the Mailbag. Sceb plans to one day conquer and rule the Earth, but he hasn't gotten around to it yet. He will, though. One of these days... No one is quite sure why Sceb puts up with everyone around the house, since he doesn't let a day go by without telling most of the people here that he hates them. Some think he sticks around for the free food and lodging, and perhaps certain feelings for a certain purple haired girl who is often around.

Sceb is kind of a jerk, and is kind of proud of it. He resents being SC's “little” brother, though, and will be first in line to compete to prove he's more awesome.

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